Welcome to Our School

We hope this website will provide you with useful information as well as celebrating the work of the school.

Welcome to Balhousie Primary School

The school has a very distinguished history stretching over 100 years and enjoys the benefits of a grand Victorian building in the heart of Perth. We are proud to welcome children from around the world as we learn together in a happy and inclusive way. Balhousie Primary is ideally situated for access to parks, play areas, sports and leisure facilities and for the city centre with all its amenities. 

At Balhousie Primary, we understand the importance of valuing individual children and their families. Staff work closely with families and the community to make sure that children experience high achievement as they progress through the school- from 2 year old children in nursery right through to our P7 pupils as they prepare for secondary education.

If you would like to find out more about the school or to discuss the progress of your child, please make an appointment at the school office or call 01738 472222.


13-11-2019 12:15: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 13-11-2019 12:15

End Time: 13-11-2019 13:00

Additional Info: Option 1: Chinese Rice with Chicken. Option 2: Oven Baked Sausages with Gravy and Mashed Potatoes. Option 3: Chinese Rice with Mushrooms (v). Option 4: Turkey Sandwich with Potato Salad. Veg of the Day: Carrots. Bread, Salad and Fresh Fruit Available Daily. Dessert: Sponge with Berry Sauce (v) or Yoghurt,

14-11-2019: Inservice Days

Start Time: 14-11-2019

End Time: All Day Event

15-11-2019: Inservice Day

Start Time: 15-11-2019

End Time: All Day Event

18-11-2019 12:15: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 18-11-2019 12:15

End Time: 18-11-2019 13:00

Additional Info: Option 1: Tomato Pasta (v). Option 2: Macaroni Cheese (v). Option 3: Quorn Burger in a Bun with Pasta Salad (v). Option 4: Coronation Veggie Wrap with Sweetcorn and Pea Salad (v). Veg of the Day: Carrots. Bread, Salad and Fresh Fruit Available Daily. Dessert: Chocolate Brownie with Pear Slices and Custard (v) or Yoghurt.

19-11-2019 12:15: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 19-11-2019 12:15

End Time: 19-11-2019 13:00

Additional Info: Option 1: Chinese Chicken Curry with Rice. Option 2: Cottage Pie. Option 3: Chinese Vegetable Curry with Rice (v). Option 4: Tuna Mayo Roll with Rice and Pepper Salad. Veg of the Day: Peas. Bread, Salad and Fresh Fruit Available Daily. Dessert: Jelly with Berries (v) or Yoghurt


Inservice Days 14th 15th November

Just a reminder that the school will be closed to pupils Thurs14th andFriday 15th November.
This is for Inservice Days.School reopens Monday 18th November at. 9am. Also Monday 18th  November is when the Flu immunistation Programme takes place . Thank You



The Community Learning and Development  Team offer a range of learning opportunities across North Perth for individuals, families and volunteers to attend. As we are preparing to plan our work for the coming year, we would be very grateful if you could spare 5 mins to let us know which opportunities you would like to see happen in your area. Thanks
Please follow the link to the questionnaire below to have your say in what is available during holidays and term times to support your children:
K. Crossley


Pause, Prompt, Praise

Good morning. 
Session 3 of Pause, Prompt, Praise will take place again today 12.11.19 at 2.30pm. 
Even if you have not attended before you are welcome to come along. 
Today is focusing on praise.  Thank you, K. Crossley.


Bike Ride

Apoligises for short notice but due to adverse weather conditions the bike ride is cancelled. It will be
rescheduled to another day. Than You


P7 bike ride

P7 pupils...don't forget to look out your bikes/helmets and warm clothes for tomorrow's bike ride. The forecast looks ok....we'll obviously make smart decisions on the day re weather.  Alice is leading the ride. It will be fun! You can bring your normal snack and we'll eat it on the journey. Don't forget a water bottle, and wear layers to stay cosy. Thanks.



Pupils from P5/6/7 The Netball is back on Mondays at 3pm-4pm


P7 Bike Ride

The  P7 Bike ride is Thursday 7 th November not 7th December as on the letter home .Please could the slips be returned before Thursday . Thank You.


HOORAY! We're in it, to win it!

Well done and THANK YOU to all our family shoppers who went to Aldi and collected the stickers for the prize draw.  We now have the chance to win £20,000 in the big prize draw (and also sports equipment for the school).  But...one question needs to be answered....how would we use the £20,000 to leave a lasting health legacy in our school?  Talk at home, and kids tell us what you think enlightened


Lidil Vouchers

If you have any Lidil vouchers could you please send them into school . Thank You


Cycle Leader Training today

Mrs Tough and Mrs Whittet today 'passed' their day of cycle leader training....which means they can now organise and lead cycle trips around Perth with Balhousie pupils on their bikes!  Look out for fun bike rides coming our way wink